Kukirin G3 Pro

Dual motor / Removeable battery / Long range

kukirin G2 Max

20AH battery / 1000W motor / Removable seat

New Arrival

M series
Cost-effective models designed to meet customer daily life. Included M3, M4, M4 PRO, M5 PRO...
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G series
Suitable for long-distance, multi-road travel and outdoor play. Included G2 PRO, G2MAX, G3, G3 PRO, G4...
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V series
Not only meet the fun of customers’ daily travel, but also meet customers’ more efficient to longer-distance. included V1 PRO, V2, V3...
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S series
A portable and compact body, which can be easily placed in the trunk of a car. It is a good choice for short-distance. Included S1 PRO, S3 PRO...
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